Father's Day is June 16th
Open noon - 10PM
They always say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. What better way to show Dad how much you appreciate him, then by giving him the gift of some authentic Italian cuisine. All regular menu items will be available for purchase, but treat him to a slow-cooked Prime Rib or a tender Pepe Nero filet.

Reserve now to ensure seating availability.
Summer is in full swing at Anthony's

Our patio is open for "al fresca" dining. Our "garden fresh" specials are now available, including our cool and refreshing homemade Gazpacho Soup. Our patio is a desirable location with its dining naturally shaded with the surrounding foliage, especially after 6PM when it starts to cool off. So please make patio reservations in advance to ensure your spot. The ambience after sundown is perfect for a romantic evening.
We'll see ya soon! Buon Appetito!

Daily Specials

Updated for Friday, July 19th

Our hours are Tuesday - Sunday from NOON until 10PM.

Customers are encouraged to make reservations to ensure seating availability.